Racism/Activism Fatigue

Racial micro-aggressions are a major source of burnout in the workplace (and honestly, everywhere) for people of color. While this is a reality of daily life, it is a harmful myth that we must each just shoulder the burden of racism stress alone. Pacific Burnout Therapy can help you do more than “code-switch” and hope things go well, my goal is to help you develop optimally healthy coping skills so you can thrive and live your best life anyway.

For many people of color, resisting is a part of existing…and self-love is a radical political act. My goal is to help deepen your practices that heal and develop an active self-care process to help preserve yourself while you do the important spiritual, psychological, social and political work of resistance.

Contact Pacific Burnout Therapy today for a free consultation and to determine if PBT can meet your needs.

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